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Founded in 1996 by Master Koretoshi Maruyama, Aikido Yuishinkai is the school of “making the impossible possible.”
Master Maruyama spent 10 years meditating in a temple in Saitama prefecture on the essence of mind, before leaving with the blessing of the High Priest to establish his Aikido School. He is a former direct student of Aikido Founder MoriheiUeshiba for 13 years, former AikikaiHombu Dojo instructor, and former director of the Ki no Kenkyukai (founded by Koichi Tohei, 10th Dan).
Master Maruyama teaches us “true budo”, a way to overcome the desire to compete or be in conflict with anyone.
As such, the Aikido in theYuishinkai dojo is unique in its principles and philosophy.
Specific to our school are the teachings of T-step, moonshadow foot and Shinbashira (centrepole) training. These teachings are heavily influenced by traditional Japanese sword and the Zen teaching of mind.
Sensei teaches that there are four levels to our Aikido. Kotai and Juntai are both basic.Students at these levels are practicing Kata to begin to understand principles, as well as the role of ukemi, the art of receiving technique.
Ryutai is the level of flowing technique. It is dynamic and alive. This is when students start to practice real Aikido, and utilise the principles learnt in the previous levels in a normal environment.
Reitai is the level of emptiness. At this level, students are not reacting to external stimuli, but rather controlling the space and time around them. Theirukemi must also be devoid of the hurdle of the cognitive process, always extended, always relaxed. This is the level the founder calls TakemusuAiki.
Aikido Yuishinkai Australia, through their chief instructor, places great emphasis o
n repeating basic movements to create integrity of form.
Ukemi is part of the learning process integral to understanding basic principles, and to the adaption of relaxation and connection.
Aikido In the Yuishinkai dojo in Australia is taught in a relaxed joyous manner, inclusive and open to all ages.